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Wondering if Illinois is a good state for solar panels?

Because of the clean air and good sun hours, Illinois has always been a good state for solar, and with the state SREC program, it's now more affordable than buying power from the power department. CR Solar LLC has the experience and expertise you're looking for. We can educate you on all the current state and federal rebates.

Don't let the power department have control of your energy cost - take control and produce your own power right on your own rooftop. Contact us today for information.

Residents of the Illinois area love working with us

Residents of the Illinois area love working with us

Illinois is a great state for solar! With the state SREC program and the federal incentive, choosing to go solar is easy, and it will be one of the best financial investments you'll ever make.

CR Solar serves:

  • All of Minnesota
  • Layton, UT
  • Caseyville, IL
  • Twin Falls, ID

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