Do you have control of your energy bills?

Do you have control of your energy bills?

Don't let the power department have control of your energy cost. Take control and produce your own power right on your own roof.

Solar is as cost-effective as traditional power sources, but it doesn't take the same toll on the environment. CR Solar specializes in Tier 1 solar panels.

We service Minnesota, Illinois, Utah, Idaho, and MIssouri.

How to save money when switching to solar?

Switching to solar can save you a fortune in the long run, but making the first step is sometimes overwhelming. That's why CR Solar offers a range of services to ensure you have a great customer experience, such as:

  • Free consultations: Find out how we'll install your ground-mounted or rooftop solar panels to create an array of any size.
  • Rebate resources: Learn about government rebates and other programs to help you save on installation.
  • Roof mount or ground mount: We can install on your roof or build a ground mounted structure.
  • Teir One solar products: We install only the best products with the best warranty.
  • Expert Solar knowledge: We have Journeyman and Master electricians who can answer your solar questions.
  • High-end design software: We use the best design software in the market for the highest level of accuracy.

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